What do I want for christmas?

I was going to say ‘Good Morning’ but I realised it was noon, not exactly morning.

Well, Good Day!

I slept to 10am today, I needed it so bad. Normally I wake up at 7.30 to get things done, whenever I don’t have school or work on weekdays I wake up at 7am and 9am on weekends. I feel like most of the day disappear if I sleep to long so I wake up early.

I have a lot of school work to be done, I have a group presentation tomorrow at 10am on ‘Racism in the twentieth century’ it’s extremely interesting just I don’t really understand what our teacher is asking for, but I guess it’s going to be alright 😉

My family is hounding me to finish my wishlist for christmas, but I have no clue what I want. When you were little it was so easy, just walking into a toy shop and point it out but as you grow older it gets so much more difficult. 

Anyway, hope your sunday is filled with sunshine.

Love, Sara


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