Roadtrip and fun

God I love Skåne (the southern Sweden) the landscape is open and everything is just better. We visited Gunnarshög a farm that makes it’s own rapeseed oil, fresh and tastes amazing.

We then visited Kivik Cider and apple juice maker. They have their own Apple plantage and make the most delicious apple juice and apple cider I’ve ever tasted. It’s extremely cheap and if you’re in Skåne this is a must.

The we visited Glimmingehus, Swedens most well preserved medieval castle. It’s very impressive. I love historic buildings and I’ve been here before but I was younger and I appreciated it more this time.

We’re now on a shopping trip visiting the most delicious salmon shop, they have delicious salmon, salmon pastries etc. It’s i  Falkenberg and if you’re near this is the place to go. We have shopped in a huge department store and I’ve shopped almost for the entire autumn/winter season, I’m more than ready.

We’re heading a bit more north know on our roadtrip. They have a Titanic Exhibition in Örebro and my great great grandma was a passenger on the boat. After that we’re heading home.

The posts are more compressed and I apologize, I’m kind off forced to do a summary because I’m doing alot of things during the day’s of our trip. I’m looking forward to when I can post daily.

All my love, 



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