Small chat and today

Happiness. I think I’ve brought up this subject before. It’s a difficult topic and an even harder word to define. Near impossible really because the meaning is so subjective. I’m searching for my happiness, or letting it find me. It’s hard to determine if you should search or let it find you. Or maybe it’s the same thing?

I talked to a close friend of mine who recently quit her job because it made her incredibly unhappy. It might be a luxury some people have but you should be forced to do something that brings you down. Happiness is the most important thing and can’t be taken for granted.

Anyway, today we had a birthday lunch for my dad’s best friend’s girlfriend. Me and his daughter’s very close so it was good catching up. The weather was amazing, sunny and hot, a true summers day. A good day with good friends, good food and good weather. I was a bit dressed too warm but it was fine in the end.

Love, Sara


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