My life

It’s a strange feeling walking on a floor historic people have walked centuries before you. Do you ever get the sense of awe when you walk the halls great people have walked before you? Seeing the views they gazed out on, seing the furnitures they sat on? Walking in to an old church and imagining the people occupying the seats centuries before. Whenever I visit historical sights I can’t help myself to stop and imagine these things. I touch the cold stone walls and in my mind see the events of the past. It’s imagination of course but a part of me can use that imagination to see what transpired. What the people felt as they gazed on the same thing my eyes are gazing on.

Anyway, I was going to go out running but I fell asleep, seriously the stort of my life. An afternoon run became afternoon nap.

It’s just been a boring few days, nothing much has happened really. I’ve been resting, training, eating. We’re heading to a lovely castle café tomorrow. Historic buildings as you might have guessed are a favourite of mine. To put it mildly I kind of feeding of them, the energy, the stories. Whenever an occasion presents itself, I’m there taking it. It kind of put my life in perspective I’ve just realised.

Love, Sara


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