The stress I’ve been living under for the past few years has not been good for my health. The society we live in is not a society that our bodies are made for. I believe the stress we feel is not something we are made to handle.

Finding happiness is what we should strive for, and be let to strive for. But happiness is subjective, different from each other. We are born in a box and forced to stay in said box. It’s education and find a job which pays for food and roof. Some lucky ones find happiness in their work and other people are forced to seek happiness elsewhere. Your worth is determined how educated you are and how good of a job you find. This is not happiness for me. The box forced me to my knees and I haven’t been able to get up. 

It’s so incredibly difficult searching for your happiness while you are chained to expectations. I’m still figuring out my life and it’s no shame in being in your early twenties and still not knowing who you are and what you want to do. I believe searching for your happiness is a process and you shouldn’t settle until you find it because you will happen upon it sooner or later. Happiness is everything and I haven’t done something that makes me happy in years, it’s time to make 2017 the year of changes.

Love, Sara


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