Vacation, vacation, vacation

I had a day to myself today, listening to soft music, taking everything at my own pace. Just me and me.

I’m an introvert. Which means I like alone time, I like charging my batteries by myself sometimes.

I’m heading for the great mall here in stockholm tomorrow with my sister. She’s buying somethings for our trip and we’re probably going to have some coffee there. We have a mall called Mall of Scandinavia, a huge mall connected to our biggest arena, Friends Arena. Haven’t been there in awhile since I have a smaller one near where I live.

I’m going away for a few days in a few days, and I’m beyond excited. I will still post as usual. I usually travel to a mediterranian  country but this year where travelling more northen europe. We’re staying close to home. I still miss the house we rented in Greece. The view was amazing, and the house likewise, I miss that time so incredibly much.

Love, Sara


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