Weddings, hauntings, and war alarms

God, the wedding. It was so much fun I completely forgot to take any pictures and my phone is the way it is. I’m currently gatherinh those pictures people posted online. We arrived at the wedding location on friday, us closest friends stayed at the same house having a barbecue, playing cards and just having a lovely time. My sister got a little bit freaked because we were certain the house was haunted. Built in the late 18th century it was prone to one or two ghosts, our friends in the room next to us experienced some stuff, clothes being moved and closet doors opening etc. 

Anyway, the wedding was saturday at noon. The house was filled with people runnih around getting ready. I got up at 7.30 am to get ready. The ceremony was held at a beautiful old barn and the reception as well. Then there was mingle and food and party and we left at 12am so basically we partied for 12 hours. Our “crew” was the ones holding the dancefloor. It was so much fun and by 6pm it was open for the village people and we danced, drank and ate alot. I had such a good time. And I truly wish the best for the happy couple.

We came home sunday afternoon and went to bed quite early. Watched some Netflix on my iPad and around 10pm out “War Alarm” sounded all over Stockholm. We have an alarm which warns when you should get yourself ready if there’s a war or gas being spread. And if it sounds you should shut your windows, turn of your ventilation and awaiy further notice. They test this alarm which we call “hoarse Fredrik” the first monday of every third month to check if it works etc. But this was a sunday at 10pm and we all got extremely scared, we shut our windows and awaited news. Turned out it was a technical error. Everything was bombarded with worried and terrified citizens. Our official newsoutlet in these times did not deliver, it was our newspaper Aftonbladet which delivered the news first.

It was truly terrifying, we thought something was happening. That Sweden was being attacked.

Anyway, all is well now. A new weeks is upon us and I hope it’s one of your best.

Do that thing you always wanted to do, let this be the push you have been waiting for. Do it for yourself and for me.

Love, Sara


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