Scones and sad news

Midsomer Murders started today, as tradition. It always starts the tuesday after midsummer (fitting right?) and runs for the summer here in Sweden. Me and my mum’s obsessed. It’s a bit cheesy and stuff but I love it anyway. The smalltown cosiness and the outrageous murders, it’s summer!!

As traditions says I always makes a batch of scones, freshly out of Paul Hollywood’s recipe. I’m in love with them click here for the recipe. Although, I only use 20 grams og caster sugar instead of the 80 grams the recipe says, because I found them to sweet. It might be the correct way to make them but with jam on them it can be too much. 20 grams are about 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Horrible news met me when I watched Midsomer. I got a notification that put beloved actor Michael Nyqvist had passed away. You might know him as the bad guy in John Wick and Mission Impossible as well as the main character in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I was so sad because he was only 56 years old and it came as a chock. He was an amazing actor and beloved by a nation. May you rest in peace.

Love, Sara


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