The beauty of the world

What is one place you would do anything to visit? Have you been there and want to go again or is it a completely foreign place for you?

Everyone always says: “Get out. See the world. Travel and experience things.” Well there is that small complication called money. Travelling is bloody expensive!

Anyway, travelling is a luxury I’ve been fortunate enough to experience and I’ve never taken it for granted. I have dreams, this earth is big and there are places I would love to visit like; New Zeeland, Canada, more parts of the US, explore all of The UK and Ireland. 

Living in Europe I’m closer to a different country than most americans are to a different state. I can travel by car through most of Europe. I’ve been to alot of countries and most of that is thanks to the closeness of the European countries, flying to Italy, Greece, Croatia takes less than four hours.

If you have the possibility, travel the world, experience different cultures. I believe in doing that will make you a better person, a more accepting person, and a more open person. If you can then get out there, and do it a soon as possible.

Love, Sara


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