Midsummer, the weirdest holiday

Tomorrow my sister is graduatind moving on to high school. It’s nostalgic because she’s moving on from the school I went to for ten years and now she’ll be leaving and I’ve got no ties to an amazing time in my life.

Next week is the swedish holiday of Midsummer where we drink an excessively amount of alcohol, screwing like there’s no tomorrow (optional) and dancing to a massive male organ. Does this sound weird? It’s totally weird but we’re all in on it so it never gets weird while we are doing it. Midsummer is basically an ancient fertility celebration (why we dance around a male organ, not an actual replica but a flowery one). We’re going to the south of Sweden with a bunch of friends and celebrate around a beautiful lake as we always do.

This symbolizes what we dance around:

I hope you’re having a lovely week,

Love, Sara


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