6th June

It’s the 6th of June and our National Day. We celebrate it because in the early 1500’s Gustav Vasa liberated Sweden from the danish tyrant Kristian and he rode into a liberated Stockholm on this day. Was Kristian a tyrant? We call him Kristian Tyrant in Sweden and he killed a bunch of noblemen but alot of it was good PR from Gustav Vasa, although Gustav is the most well known king we have and known as our country father.

We don’t celeberate it as the americans do with the 4th of July but it’s a day where we’re all free from work and school and eat good food with good music. It’s a day we celebrate our Sweden.

I’ve made a brownie cheesecake, basically a brownie bottom with a cheesecake top, it’s delicious.

A tuesday where everyone is off work is lovely and to celebrate a country who does alot for its citizen is amazing. 

Have a lovely day,

Love, Sara


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