When friendships end

You know when friendships end because you grow apart and not because of a fight. It doesn’t mean it hurts any less though. I kind off had a hunch but I got it confirmed a few days ago.

It hurted a long time, feeling left out and forgotten. But after a few times of soul searching I realized that people grow apart, and you might not be what you once were or what you need anymore. 

I’ve cried alot thinking I’ve not been enough or believing that I’m not desired. And that might have been the case but I just don’t feel anything anymore. It’s just that all the feelings; sadness, anger, devestation went out the window and became nothingness. I can’t change if former friends doesn’t have that place for me anymore and they can’t change if I don’t have that place for them anymore. It’s how life works and sometimes life hurts like hell.

The easiest way is to move on but not as easy as it sounds. You have to realize that as life change so do you and the people around you and it’s natural. It will hurt but it wont hurt forever. Let’s move on to bigger and better things, things that will bring you to your happiness.

All my love,



2 thoughts on “When friendships end

  1. carinanausner says:

    I feel you so much hun!!! This has happened to me a couple of times at uni, and it hurts like hell, knowing I’ve invested so much and kept trying, but never got anything back, I was the last on their list when once we were best friends. It’s taken me a good year to get over lost friendships and honestly I’m probably still not 100% over it as when I see photos come up on my Facebook timehop of memories together, it still hurts, and I wonder what I did wrong and why I was ditched! But like you said, people change and grow apart from each other, I’ve accepted that now. I guess what I struggled with in my situation was that whilst I tried to remain friendly (as we were flatmates) she was just downright hostile and barely spoke a word with me.
    Anyway, it’s in difficult times that you realise who your real friends are, which I now know. And if people don’t want you around then why bother holding on to something that isn’t there!! I feel freer knowing I’m now free of the people who didn’t really care about me. Aha sorry for the rant, but I can just so relate to this!!!

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    1. Soara says:

      I feel you, this is like reading about myself. And I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I also believe that everything in life is a lesson, I walked out of all this hurt stronger. I now know what true friendship is and isn’t, I know what to avoid and not to avoid. It hurts when it ends but it’s also liberating, but on some level the hurt never goes away because we remember what we had and what we were. I look at all the memories fondly but for my own wellbeing I can’t go back because at the end of the day you have to do what’s best for you. You can’t change people and you shouldn’t have to change you, the right people will find you and you them. I believe in a few years all this will be a page in our storyline and not an entire chapter.

      I loved you telling me this, and rant away because I will always listen and read it. You seem strong and you deserve only the absolute best. ❤️


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