Quick questions

Favourite music? Movie scores is my absolute favourite. I always listen to different 

Zodiac sign? Capricorn 

Turn ons? Humor, confidence, smiles and kindness.

Turn offs? Assholeness, bullshit, over-confidence, ‘Nice Guys’ TM, entitlement.

Someone I miss? My grandpa on my mother’s side. He died 10 years ago but he meant so much to me. Also my mother’s bestfriend who died 7 years ago, I would do anything for her daughter to meet her mother atleast once.

Someone I love? My family; my mom, dad, sister, grandma, cousins, aunt and uncle, my stepgrandma. My closest friends. Not any romantic love (see another question)

3 things that make me happy? Being with my family, travelling, reading.

Celebrity crushes? I’ve had alot of them, currently though I would say; Yon Gonzales (spanish actor), Sam Riley (he’s everything as Mr Darcy), Tom Hiddleston (When he has black hair, it’s everything). And one I would certainly change teams for is Natalie Dormer, God she’s gorgeous.

How many children do I want?  I want three and I already have names ready. For girls I have; Freya, Merida, Brenna. For boys; Killian, Adrian, Florian. They are kind off in order and the list might change but I’m quite set on Freya and Killian.

My favourite movie? This will always be Star Wars. The original trilogy and the newest ones includinf Rogue One. I’ve loved them since I was four years old. Schindler’s List is a movie that will have a special place in my heart, it’s so raw and true.

I’m I in love? Can you be in love with someone you haven’t met? Joking aside, no, I’m not in love at the moment. 

What I’m I looking for in a guy? I always thought this was a very shallow question but it really isn’t. Well, if you start listing every thing you want your “dream guy” too look like, it kinda is but personality wise it’s not. I’m looking for someone I can truly be myself with and be attracted to. There isn’t many people I’m a hundred percent myself with and it can be very exhausting sometimes

My favourite food? I’m like Garfield, Lasagna is my favourite. But I love alot of different things like true Italian Pizza, steak, vegetarian food. I’m not a fish person, although I like some things. But you can never go wrong with Lasagna.

Favourite dessert? Cheesecake, definetly Cheesecake! 

Any pets? Not at the moment, I had two guinea pigs called Hercules and Boyard. They were the cutest animals ever. Hercules died of an illness and we gave away Boyard to a home. where he could have company because Guinea Pigs can’t be alone. I remembered I was so devestated because Boyard was mine and Hercules was my sisters and giving him away just broke my heart. 

Do I smoke or drink? I don’t smoke, never tried it and never will. I almost never drink anymore, I can enjoy a few glasses sometimes but it’s almost never. 

My favourite holiday? Christmas *duuh!* but also New Years because we celebrate that in Visby with friends and it’s everything.

My future goals? My future goals’ very simple, have a family and be happy. Doing something that wont seem like a chore and that brings me joy. Have I figured out what? No, not yet but I’m hoping I will.

Favourite author? Mariana Zapata, I absolutely love her books, they are everything. Julie Garwood, her historical romances brings out every emotion ‘Ransom’ is my favourire and Brodick is my all time dream man. Lani Lynn Vale, she releases a new book every month which I LOVE, her books is most about alpha super hot men and strong hilarious women.

Last person I texted? My best friend and it basically said where to meet up tomorrow before my cousins graduation.

Favourite colour? Blue, every variation of it.

I could go on forever but this is a few things about me.

Love, Sara


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