This weekend was summer as its best. The temperature was almost 30 degrees celsius and everything was awesome. Except Sweden is not known for aircondition and I don’t like being hot.

It’s a fun week, my cousin is graduating our version of High School on friday so we’re having a huge celebration. Swedish graduation traditions are extremely weird when you think about them. We have certain caps that almost look like captain hats where our name and class is written down. The women are wearing white and the men are wearing suits. And we run out of the school to music and waiting family, kind of to symbolize our leaving school. The  we rent a truck without roof and dance on it while it drives around the city. Weird, I know. But it’s soooo much fun. We had a champagne breakfast in the morning so we were partially drunk on the graduation and in the evening we had a huge party with the entire graduation class in a club.
God, I miss those times alot

Love, Sara


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