Friday and prom

I just watched the Dirty Dancing remake. I don’t know why, curiosity I guess. It was HORRIBLE!! Please if you love the original as I do, DO NOT watch this. They totally butchered it. And the ending, don’t get me started on that horrible ending. Dear god! They took an amazing movie, with an amazing cast and remade it into shit. No chemistry, no dancing abilities, completely butchered everything. I’m so pissed off at this crap. Don’t remake perfection people!

It’s friday (yay) and it’s lovely. My mum and I went training this morning and then we + my sister headed to the mall, my sister has her prom soon and she needed shoes. I remembered my prom and it’s so nostalgic, 6 years ago:

Anyway, my sister’s friend joined us for a few hours at our afternoon tea in the garden and it was lovely.

Friday’s my favourite day because it kickstarts the weekend and you know what you have infront of you.

Have an amazing and lovely weekend,

Love, Sara


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