Tuesday became Wednesday

I love living where I live (although I want to move abroad) but it’s a beautiful place. I live about 20 minutes outside of our capital Stockholm, I live close enough to our town but it can still be called “countryside”. I’m kind of amazed how I’ve lived all my life in a place and not discovered different things. I discovered a new road which leads through beautiful landscapes and farms. The perfect running trail.

I’m so bummed my phone is acting up but I will try to take som pictures later.

I started writing this tuesday and it’s now wednesday. Half the week has almost gone by and it feels like I have gotten nothing done. But I guess we all have weeks like that. Weeks where we feel productive af and weeks where we feel useless (not that I feel useless, but you get my meaning.

I’m starting of my day as I always do; with a large cup of tea. I love coffee but tea is my vice, my one go-to drink and the only one I can drink in the morning. I always start the day with breakfast in front of my iPad and some series I need to catch up on. We all have our routines and this is my non-weekend one.

Love, Sara


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