Party time

I was so exhausted yesterday, I had no time for breaks at all.

My day was filled with baking, shopping, training and preparing for the party tonight. I was done with all the desserts by 8pm and then crashed in the couch watching a movie. 

I’ve made:

  • White chocolate Pannacotta with a salted caramel layer.
  • White chocolate and lime cheesecake with a homemade limecurd and whitechocolate mousse.
  • Cardamom and Lemon buns
  • Cookie dough brownie

And they’ve all taken their time being made. We bought takeout for dinner because no one hade time preparing it. I have a few moments sitting down at the moment, I’m going to do my makeup in a few minutes and the finish the mousse.

If you’re now thinking, “But Sara, you only have one whisk!” Yes I do, the other one broke so I’m at the moment stuck with just one. It complicates the work x10.

More update on the party later

Love, Sara


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