This truly bothers me

I don’t like the term “irrational crush” or “unconventional beauty”. It’s kind of what’s wrong with today’s society that there’s a box where what’s beautiful is described and anything outside it isn’t. And I hate when people say that they have a irrational crush on someone, we all find different things and different persons attractive. I’m might not be attracted to the same thing as my friends are. Every person is different and we shouldn’t have to be put into boxes of conventional beauty. 

It might sound cliché to say that everyone is beautiful in their own way, but it’s 100% true. Beauty is something we made up but the definition isn’t set. Beauty holds so many different layers. I absolutely despise when people say “She/he’s hot” or “He/she is ugly”. No one is ugly and it’s such a horrible and disgusting word. Just because you don’t find a person attractive doesn’t mean they are ugly or undesirable it just means that you two aren’t compatible in every way. Move on and never call people names.

We have made beauty a box when it shouldn’t, it isn’t confined to a specific meaning. You are beautiful!

Love, Sara


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