What I love more than anything

I was browsing my camera album and went back to summer a few years ago and saw pictures from an amazing vacation I had. In the summers of 2014-2015 we rented this breathtakingly amazing house in Greece. It was located on a mountain and looked over the beautiful Epidauros bay. We spent about 2,5 weeks there each summer with friends. I watched those pictures and got this incredible longing. I had an amazing time there, we went on a boat ride to snorkle and explore, we travelled to historical places and had an amazing time eating delicious food. I love Greece and my mom almost grew up there, we have friends living there. 

My advice to you is to not visit the overly touristy places in Greece. I’m no where near an expert on Greece but where I was is not a overly well known place and it was amazing. Both Nafplio and Epidauros is amazing. Take a boat ride out to Aegina and Agistri, you wont be sorry, I promise.

Here’s a picture of a freckled summery me 

I love travelling, it’s expensive but I’m always grateful for the chance to see the world. I love exploring and experience new places. I’m not the one who travels all over the world for the sake of it, I have specific places I would love to visit. Here are places on my list:

  1. Florence – Firenze, this has always been a dream of mine. I’ve been to Italy before and visited Rome, Napels, Capri, Genoa, Sicily – but my dream is to visit Florence and the Medici house.
  2. Norway – This is quite embarrassing to admit considering our countries are literally neighbours but I’ve never been there.
  3. Ireland – I’ve been to both Scotland and England but never Ireland and therefore it’s on my list and it’s beautiful.
  4. Explore more of USA – I’ve been to New York but that barely scratch the surface. I want to experience Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Louisiana, California etc. I want to see more!
  5. Australia – Sydney and Bondi Beach has for a long time been a dream of mine.
  6. Salzburg – Home of  ‘Sound of Music’, why wouldn’t anyone want to visit the place where the hills are alive with the sound of music?
  7. Explore more of Scotland and England – I’ve travelled Scotland far more than I’ve had England. I travelled to Glasgow to Edinburg to Inverness and then back to Glasgow but I want to see so much more. England, I’ve only been to London and I want to see everything. Brighton is a place on my list.

This list barely scratch the surface but they are places I’m dying to see.

Do you have any places you’re dying to see? Please tell me.

Love, Sara


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