No stop, no time to rest

It’s Saturday (yaay!) and I’m extremely busy. I have to be at the airport later dropping off and picking up people (how that worked out), and then I have to make so many preperations for tomorrow. Tomorrow is “Valborg” a day where we “burn away” the winter with a huge bonnfire and eat good food. 

This is the only quiet moment I have today so I’m spending it here. Yesterday day I made carrot cake cupcakes and they were amazing. And as usual I forgot to take pictures but I have a few left that I can show. I’m making the dessert for tomorrow today and then I’ll be making my amazing focaccia bread. This bread is so amazingly good, and is always a success when we have guests. I think I wrote the recipe a few months ago but I can repost it for those who are interested.
It’s busy day but good busy. I hope your week was good and your weekend is going to be even better.

Love, Sara


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