New things and parties

I started a new show yesterday, called Poldark. I love this period/historical pieces and Aidan Turner is the best kind of eyecandy.  It’s very good and is basically about a man called Ross Poldark who comes home from a war in America to England and discovers that in his absents where everyone presumed him dead, everything is turned upside down. His sweetheart is getting married to his cousin and his late father’s estate is indebted. And he takes on the headstrong and kind Demelza as a kitchen maid. It’s such a good show and I’m soon done with season 1.

Anyway, this week has been insanely busy with alot of different things going on. My dad is having a party for his 50th birthday, he turned 50 when we were in New York and now he’s having a party for all his friends and family. He’s having the party catered but I’m incharge of dessert because I love baking and imagine myself good at it. I thought of doing like a dessert buffé with four different things. I like having choices. I thought of doing one cheesecake, a brownie with cookiedough topping, a lemon cookie and a panacotta with salted caramel topping. The week of his birthday party is going to be very busy but super fun.

Love, Sara


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