A very good Saturday

Yesterday was a crazy day. I followed and supported my mother who ran the Womens Health Half Marathon and she was amazing, I would never have achieved what she achieved. While she ran, me and my sister visited the Nautical History museum because of the warmth and the admission is free. If you’re visiting Sweden, some museums are free, make sure you know which one they are. The Museum of History is free and I truly recommend it.

We went then to celebrate a 7 year olds birthday. I can’t believe she grew up so fast, it’s crazy. Her father is travelling so she is stay with us until today. It’s so much fun spending time with someone young, you do the things you don’t have time for anymore. We sat down painting and had a lovely and cosy time. Last time she was here we made bracelets. Stuff we should make time for because it makes you calm doing them.

Anyway, we ended the evening watching Trolls and then we all had a sleepover in the livingroom, a bit uncomfortable but manageble.

I hope you’ve had a lovely week and weekend,

Love, Sara


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