Thursday and cancelled plans

Happy Thursday 

It’s a sunny thursday here, not particulary warm but it doesn’t matter because the sun is such a happy drug. Well, it was sunny when I started this post but it seems like it disappeared.

I watched a really good program yesterday basically called “Saved by Angels” but in Swedish. I’m not religious but I am spiritual, and to some it sound quite loony but I am always open to different possibilities. It was a medium called Birkan Tore who I love, he told people about near death experiences they had and how they were helped. And I know how sceptical people are and they are right to not believe everything but I believe and respect people who doesn’t.

Anyway, we were supposed to celebrate a little girl’s seventh birthday today but it was moved until Saturday and then she will come home with me for a sleepover. I see her as my little sister and I’m so protectice over her. Her mother and my mother was bestfriends since they were 8 years old but she unfortunately passed away when the daughter was born and ever since then she has had a special place in my heart. 

To continue on a sadder note, tomorrow I’m going to a funeral for my great-aunt so I am not sure if I will be able to post.

Have a lovely thursdayWith all my love, Sara


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