Seriously weather gods?

April bring such a diverse weather. I live in the cold north where we get all four seasons but in April we get all four seasons in one month. Welcome to Sweden!

I should show you a picture but it’s actually sunny at the moment which gives the illusion of warm weather, and you kind off make the mistake of dressing lightly and freeze your ass off.

I just want to wear my ballerina flats, they are my ultimate summer shoes. I rarely do high heels, it’s not really my thing but ballerina flats I adore. They are so gorgeous and goes with everything. I have a favourite pair that I always buy and which never fails me. I have them in this colour and in black, and they never give me abrasions. I hope you’re having a lovely week that’s not plagued by weather that can not make up it’s mind.

Love, Sara


One thought on “Seriously weather gods?

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