Wednesday means almost easter

April weather as we call it here, where it can snow one day and be spring the other. Today, the weather was incredibly boring. It started snowing for awhile but apart from that it was cloudy and rainy. I had a few things before noon and went then to do some grocery shopping for lunch.

I have three seperate desserts to make before easter, it’s alot of planning and planning my time so everything can be done. I love baking, it’s terapeutic for me and it clears my mind of anything negative. I’m so excited for a weekend with family and friends.

Anyway, I came home and noticed that the food I had planned to cook was a no go, the groceries hadn’t been supplied so I made a super easy and super delicious pasta pomodoro. It’s  crushed tomatoes, garlic, olivoil, salt & pepper, oregano, parmegan. Put it in a pan and let it cook together, maybe add some fresh basil or thyme. It’s extremely easy and very, very good.

Tomorrow marks the start for easter and I’m excited.

Love, Sara


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