Saturday, the day after

Today’s Saturday and I woke up to a world changed, a country in mourning and a place full of love.

I can’t believe to describe the love and proudness I feel over my country today, how we did not let fear take over. On the hashtag openstockholm people all over Stockholm opened their home and offered ride to those stranded in Stockholm. Swedes are standing strong and in solidarity today. We did not fall and we will not surrender. 

I mourn those who lost their lifes and I pray for those who fight for their lives still. I cheer for the police, firemen and paramedics/doctors/nurses who all risked their lives to save others, who are not payed enough for their sacrifices. I salute you all.

This day I woke up with sadness in my heart but I continued the day as normal, with normal tasks. The most important thing is to not spread hate and fear, spread love and kindness and nothing will ever conquer you.

I hope you all have an amazing Saturday,

Love, Sara


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