Monday dreams

I’m so bad at taking photos. Now when I’m keeping a blog this is something I have to better at. My promise is to try to be better at this (I hope).

My weekend has been very good. We celebrated a family friend’s 18th birthday today, they are more family than friends though. We had such a lovely time, catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a while and eating delicious food.

I have had such a longing lately. My dream is to move to Scotland, a cottage in the highlands. I believe that talking about your dreams and goals make you more motivated and it puts it out there in the universe and you somehow will do everything to end up where you want to end up. My adventure will be a peacefull one, some dream of quiet some dream of thrills but both are no less adventure than the other

Today I thought I would take a walk to a nearby mansion and take some pictures only my phone died halfway through *sigh* but it’s a beautiful spot so I will certainly go back there.

Hope your week started amazing,

Love, Sara


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