What I use 2

As I told you before I wear makeup almost everyday. I love setting my iPad on the side on some youtuber and then start putting on my makeup, this is my routine and almost one of my favourite parts of the day.

I told you before how I hold my face in top condition and know I thought I would tell you what I use when I’m actually wearing makeup. For you who think makeup is super boring I’m sorry but this is going to be a super boring post for you.

Anyway, I don’t use super fancy makeup because that shit’s expensive. I use more affordable options that work really well.

  • Primer – I use Smashbox Water Finish Primer, and also as a setting spray. 2 in 1 and I absolutely love this.
  • Foundation – I use a mix of NYX foundation and Maybelline FIT ME. Founding my specific colour is very hard so I’m left with mixing. But I truly love the NYX one, it’s very affordable and very, very good.
  • Concealer – Urban Decay Naked Concealer in Fair Light. This is more expensive and I bought it in NYC. I wanted to treat myself to something really good. Otherwise I use Maybelline FIT ME concealer which also works very well. But Urban Decay  has a very light coloured one which suits me so well.
  • Mascara  – Loréal Lash Out Butterfly is my go to mascara. I adore this one, it makes your eyelashes look full and long. It will take a pretty wonderful mascara to change this.
  • Contour  I use Sephora Powder Contour Kit I use the powder one because I want a very light contouring I just use a minimal amount. I really like this. I’m sure there are better out there but this work just fine.
  • Highlighter – I use Sephora Illuminate Kit. I love this, it has a palette with different colours to match your makeup.
  • Eyeshadow – I never use any fancy eyeshadows I use what I find and most very affordable and it works just fine. My favourite is Tanya Burr’s eyeshadows, they are amazing and extremely affordable.
  • Lipstick – this is so different, I mostly use different ones but liquid lipsticks. I have a few. Right now I’m wearing one from Too Faced but I have nude ones from Urban Decay, NYX. It varies. Find your brand and your colour.

Makeup is very subjective, find the brands and products whichs fits you the best. Makeup is also insanely expensive, what I used to do is to wish for giftcards for my birthday or christmas, then you buy those product which might cost a little more. 

Love, Sara

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