It’s finally Friday and that means WEEKEND. Friday is actually my favourite day of the week because it means it’s the start of the weekend. The feeling when you’re eating dinner friday night and know you can sleep in the day after. 

This weekend I have some things planned. Sunday is spent celebrating a family friend’s 18th birthday, so exciting. I remember my 18th birthday, over 4 years ago with in itself is crazy. I remember my 18th birthday being faced with mixed feelings, excitement but also a little sadness. I wasn’t ready being thrown into sudden adulthood. It’s weird, 18 being some kind of magic number when you’re suddenly being an adult. In Sweden it means you can vote, take your driver’s license, start drinking alcohol (buy it when you turn 20). It’s weird.

Anyway, rest of the weekend I’m going to focus on training and me and I’m really going to sleep in. Although sleep in for me means waking up no later than 9.30am I’m no big sleeper.

Hope your weekend is going to be awesome,

Love, Sara


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