New York tips

I came home yesterday morning and the jetlag is getting to me big. 

New York was incredibly amazing, such a special city. Would I live there? No, I like the quiet and calm and New York isn’t that. Would I visit alot of times? YES, I need New York in doses but I love this amazing city. I just need something to go home to at the end of the trip.

New York is the city of dreams and I truly believe that. I suited really well and it brought forward a side of me I truly liked. I got more me than ever.

I’ve been to New York once now and no where near an expert but here’s my tip if you visit New York that I learned:

  • Live a few streets away from Times Square, I lived on W 24th and very close to a subway and it was perfect. Not a rush of people and not as noisy as Times. 
  • Buy a Metrocard, its about 32 dollars for a week but so, so worth it. I travelled by Subway all the time and it worked so great. Taking a cab all the time is comfortable but it can cost alot of money and the subway is super effective and I didn’t find it overly crowded even at rush hour, Stockholm is much worse.
  • The food is really expensive especially round the center, and don’t just bound yourself to Time Square although alot of good restaurants are located there. I ate at a lovely restaurant at W 24th between 6th and 5th avenue street called Tappo. But alot of great restaurant is located around Times Square, like John’s Pizzeria on 44th street just by the Majestic Theatre, by dinner time there’s alot of people waiting so skip breakfast or have an early one and get in by around noon and you wont have to wait.
  • As a European and Swede tip is not something we do, it’s included in the price so this was a new experience but alot of restaurant put the tip in the check. So look at your check closely to see if they’ve added a service charge etc. It’s about 18% and sometime’s it’s just a recommended number and if you’re happy with the service then tip more.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, the first day I wore shoes that looked more good than they felt and about day 2 I wore my running shoes. Central Park is larger than you think so wear shoes you can walk in for a long time.
  • You think your time in New York is going to be enough but the time flies. Make a daily plan of everything you want to see if it’s alot. You can walk alot of places but sometimes the distance is very long so have a Metrocard.

Love, Sara


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