New York, I Love You

I’m in love and it feels awesome. And no it’s not in a person. I’m in love with New York, I’ve only been here a week and I’m already in love. My confidence has grown by almost 100% and it feels so wonderful. The food is great, the people even better and I love it so much. I really believed people exaggerated when they said that New York was the most amazing place but I now know they were telling the truth.

Today we took the Staten Island ferry and got the most amazing view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, and I truly recommend it for people visiting New York, it’s free! And the we went for lunch at John’s Pizzeria at 44th and the pizza was awesome. It’s pretty busy so if you want to eat here, come before noon and you will not have to wait. If you come around 6pm be prepared for a 45 minute wait. The pizza’s was fenomenal and reminded me of the ones I had in Italy.

Love, Sara


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