A little reminder

I was planning this big post but it was all destroyed by me getting a bit sick so I had to stay home. Bummer, but what are you gonna do?

So, to the issue of the post idea that went down the drain. I thought to discuss another thing. I’m a very political person, I like discussing politics and I love arguing on my views but I also love to listen to other sides. I’m not going to drag you into any political talk, promise. But this is me telling something about myself. I love to talk about important things in the world, I love having intelligent conversations with people and I don’t mean only people with a university education but everyone who argues fairly.

I have a lot of interests I’m going to do a post where I’m going to tell you more about myself and who I am. You get to know me pretty well here but this is going to me more deep.

Love, Sara


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