Saturday adventures

Today was a day where I wasn’t home alot.

I woke up at 8 am at just snoozed and rested in my bed until 8.30 when I went for a shower. I then went to make some breakfast. Doesn anyone else just think breakfast is the absolute best meal of the day? I loooooove breakfast so much. Anyway, I went to wake my sister up so we could eat togheter.

Kelly, a close friend’s little girl turns 6 years old on monday so we had a birthday party for her. She’s such a lovely little girl, doesn’t take anything for granted and is just so sweet and funny. 

Afterwards I went to pick my dad up from a cruise he went on with his friend and we went to get a pizza from Pizza Hut (looove it!) 

The evening was so cosy, spent with the family watching the melody festivale. Which is a competition for musicians here in Sweden where we select our act for the Eurovision Song Contest which for you who don’t know a huuuuge singing competition in Europe. It’s so much fun.

Hope your saturday was amazing,

Love, Sara


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