5 sites I waste time on if I’m bored

If you are like me and get incredible bored  on public transport or when you’re at home doing nothing then this is pages I waste alot of time on.

  1. LetsNotMeet – A subreddit about people with creepy encounters. It’s very creepy but with some very good stories. All of them are supposed to be real and alot of them are verified. That they’re true makes it a whole lot creepier. LetsNotMeet
  2. AskReddit – A subreddit where people ask questions. All from tips to experiences. This is one website I visit ALOT.AskReddit
  3. Thoughtcatalog the creepy tag – alot of combined stories and creepy things from the internet and reddit. I loooove this site. ThoughtCatalog Creepy Tag
  4. Buzzfeed the app – I love this, all from quizzes to news. It’s such a good app to just waste some time.
  5. TheDailyLaugh – Tumblr site that post funny and relatable stories. This site almost makes me laugh out loud. TheDailyLaugh

Love, Sara


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