My amazing evening

I had such an amazing time yesterday. My family and I met up with some friends for dinner at a restaurant near the theatre. We ate lovely toast skagen for appetizer and then I ate a lamb patty with roasted potatoes and rosemary gravy and it was delicious. The friends were my father’s bff as I like to call it and his wife and children who I’m very close friends with.

After we ate we ventured to the theatre where we met some other friends of ours that had travelled from the south of Sweden for this performance.

The musical was breathtakingly amazing. I was stunned and amazed. When the overture started to play I got emotional with tears dropping down my cheek. Petet Jöback played the Phantom, and he’s played the Phantom both on West End and Broadway. Emmi Christenssen played Christine which she also played on West End, and Anton Zetterholm played Raoul and he was truly amazing. This version was in swedish which was something I’d never experienced before, but it took my breath away.

Love, Sara


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