Amazing time

I love Sweden. It might not sound like it sometimes, but it’s truly a great place to live. I want to get out and explore because sometimes this country can be boring, which is a good thing because it means stability. I took a walk around where I live today and took in the scenery of the place I sometimes take for granted. 

The typical Swedish house is red with white corners and it’s beautiful. Those houses are typical for Sweden and I love them. Sweden is such a beautiful country and the swedish people are great. We can look and come across as a bit cold and stand-offish but if you get to know us you will truly see how welcoming we can be. I heard someone say that we are sceptical but when we know you, you will be treated no less than our best friend. 

I had a group training this morning and my body is now screaming in protest everytime I try to move so I occupied the couch and the TV. All the weekends grocery shopping is done.

Tomorrow I’m going to the musical Phantom of The Opera here in Stockholm and I’m so excited. My all time favourite musical.

Hope you have an amazing weekend,

Love, Sara


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