This again

You know when the winter is over and you start to feel that warmth from the sun? Yeah, that’s not happening here. We’ve had a few weeks of mild weather and thought that this was it, but no guess again. It’s super cold again and it has snowed :/ I love snow but not right now, snow in december is magical but at the moment, all I want is spring.

Today is one of those days where you’re just yearning for some other place. I was looking through some pictures from my trip to Visby and I was filled with yearning and longing for that place. But I was also feeling this yearning for Skagen, which is a town in the north of Denmark. I always used to visit it this time of the year when no tourists visited. It’s such a beautiful place.

Happiness for me is visiting places I love. My heart feels complete when I’m there. I have a few places which feels like home and they are: Visby, Scotland and Skagen.


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