Where is the world headed?

The world is changing. The world is changing politically. I think the events of these last few months has gone no person unnoticed. Politics really gets me going and I’ve spent these last few days really following what’s happened in the US. These are my views and I respect any other view, that’s the beauty of the world we live in, that people can have different opinions as long as there not dangerous.

I come from a “socialist” society, people throw that word around like it’s a curse word. But basically I’m from socialist society here in the north. I come from a place where healtcare is free, education is free (and yes, even universities), retirement plans are good, parental leave is a fact. I live in a society that care more about their citizens than most. 

We have opened our borders to alot of fugitives because it’s our duty as humans. People are running for their lives and we have to protect them. We are all the same, their are no races but the human race. We have man made borders on a land which do not belong to us. Land that will still stand there when we are all gone. So the situation that occured in the US by the new administration is appalling. To close off and deny entry will only feed hate, hate which do not belong in our world.

I am proud to see those people who dare to stand up to power, those who dare to put their foot down and say “No, we will not stand for this!” I’m proud of the human race when we fight for what’s right. BUT do not stop fighting, do not stop fighting oppression and your right to live as a human being.

I’m a supporter of Bernie Sanders, although not an american myself, I have lived those things he want and I will fight for those rights to reach more people and hopefully reach out to people where it matters. Bernie Sanders did not give up, he is still fighting. 

Please, get into your country’s politic and fight for what you believe in. Fight for every human to live decent and respectable lives. Watch the hearings for the new secretaries in the US.

Love, Sara


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