My birthday

It’s so crazy the whole getting older thing. I was just talking to one of my friends about our goals for this age that we planned when we were 15 years old. When I was fifteen I planned to be married and have my first kid by 22-23 years of age, now all I can do is laugh about it because I’m not ready. 22 seemed so old when you were fifteen.

Today as you might have noticed is my birthday so I started the day with a loooong relaxing bath, it was just me, my bathtub and some music. I decided to dedicate this day to me. Later on I will have my birthday dinner with my family and then celebrate it properly in the weekend.

This is me getting ready this morning, I use a thick foundation brush from Real Technique. It’s my absolute favourite and it blends your foundation perfectly.

and this is the finish result, my birthday look:


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