Food and exhaustion

You know that amazing feeling you get after a work-out? I have that right now. I started boxing every monday for 1,5 hours, and you are so exhausted afterwards you have a hard time getting home. I’ve never ached so much after a workout as I do after boxing. If you want to try something different, I highly recommend boxing.

I’ve written this in parts so I started it when I was on my way home from boxing and I’m currently lying exhausted in my bed just waiting for sleep to consume me. 

For dinner today my sister prepared a super easy avocado pasta, it was delicious basically what you need to do is boil the spaghetti, mix some avocados with garlic, salt, lemon and basil into a sauce/dip thing. You can use parmesan of mozzarella in the pasta if you want. Super easy, and super delicious and fresh.

Have a good night sleep, my eyes are literally like magnets at the moment. I’m so sleepy.


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