Boxing and Sherlock

Good day

This week is exam week and I haven’t studied all the time I was on break so I’m paying for it now.

Anyway, yesterday I tried boxing for real for the first time and god does my body hurt today. My local boxingclub has a workout just for girls and it’s free and I thought that I would check it out and it was super fun. I was so exhausted when I went to bed last night that I fell asleep almost right away which never happens.

I watched the new episode of Sherlock last night and I won’t spoil anything I promise, but it was so amazing and I have no idea how the creators can be so smart. I would do absolutely anything to be that creative.

I forgot to write Sherlock as one of my favourite shows in my latest post so here I’m telling you how much I love that show. And honestly waiting two years for every season is totally worth it when you get the privilege to finally watch it.

I’m soon turning 22 and how crazy is that???? Where have all the years gone? I’m a bit stressed about being 22, there’s a whole lot of responsibilites that I’m nowhere near ready for at all. I’m excited yet terrified if it makes sense. I have such great future plans but no idea how to reach them so I have to gather my thoughts and think things through very carefully. 

Have an amazing day,

Love, Sara


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