Who am I???

I don’t know if I’ve actually told you who I am specifically? I might just have told you bits and pieces here and there so this is going to be a presentation of me (that sounded really obnoxious bit bare with me 😉 ).

Name: Sara

Age: 21 (22 in about 2 weeks)

Nationality: Swedish

How tall am I?: about 171 cm about 5.61 feet.

What’s my hair colour?: blonde, darker underneath and lighter on the top.

What’s my eye colour: I would say they are a mix of green and blue but mostly green.

I wear glasses

My best personal trait according to me is that I believe I’m kind. I try to be kind and respectful to people until they do something to not deserve it anymore.

My favourite movie or movies are Star Wars (the original trilogy and the Force Awakens, I also looooves Rogue One)

My favourite music is movie scores, I can listen to that all the time. 

I loooooove musicals, my favourite is Phantom of the Opera which I can listen to for hours.

My favourite Tv show is Game of Thrones followed by Outlander and then Our Girl.

My favourite season is christmas time (duuuuh!)

I’m in Uni studying Business and Accounting but I’m not really happy there. 

I would love to be a writer or reach out to people in some way.

My favourite book is really hard to choose because I love so many of them, I read All THE TIME and I’m not even kidding. I looove Julie Garwood’s historical they are just breathtakingly beautiful. I also love Lani Lynn Vale who writes New Adult books.

I’m not a party person, I love small get-togethers where you can actually talk to people and preferably at someone’s place.

I don’t drink alcohol anymore, I used to but I made a choice to stop ( not that I drank much before though).

I love my family more than anything, I have one sister and then my aunt and my cousins and my parents mean the world to me. My grandma too ofcourse, they are my everything.

I normally write these posts on my phone (which there might be some spelling errors some times)

My favourite thing to drink is Pepsi Max and Tea. I can’t go to bed without a cup of tea.

I want three kids and yes, I already know what to call them 😉 (sorry future husband but you have no choice)

I used to play the trumpet as I child and no I’m not kidding.

I used to be swimmer, and a good one at that.

I’ve done gymnastics, I’ve been a horseback rider, played tennis, and been singing.

This is some things about me 🙂


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