My christmas

I hope your christmas was amazing (if you celebrate christmas, otherwise; I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend)

My christmas was amazing, in Sweden we celebrate christmas on the 24th and the day started early with my grandma waking me and my sister up early (a tradition) and we headed to my parents where our stockings were. We opened two small presents each and then made breakfast which we ate in front of the TV. We opened some presents afterwards before we headed to my cousins.

My uncle had prepared the most amazing christmas dinner, and spending time with the family was the highlight of the day. I got alot of presents from my family like: products from Rituals, Tanya Burr makeup, Zoella products, D&G perfume light blue, boxing lessons, giftcards etc. It was an amazing evening with my loved ones.

The 25th was spent being lazy all day in my pyamas and eating candy.

And the 26th we headed to my grandmas to eat some food before me and my dad headed to the cinema to watch Rogue One, which was tremendously amazing. The Star Wars movies are my absolutely favourite and one guy was CGI and I did not see that until I read about it afterwards. But Rogue One was totally amazing.

Love, Sara


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