My week and kids

This last few days have been soooo busy, I’ve been travelling back and forth and I’ve had tons of school work. I’ve hardly slept a full night in  week but it’s this time of the year and soon everything will calm itself down. Tomorrow or today since it’s after midnight I have a christmas party, my father sits on the board for a foundation that has its annual christmas party and on saturday I will celebrate my cousin’s 18th birthday which is crazy because I still imagine her to be 3 years old 😉

Anyway, I’ve noticed alot of my friends are getting pregnant. I’m 21 years old, living a hectic young life and doesn’t see myself being ready for kids in the near future, don’t get me wrong because I would love to have kids one day but not at the moment because I can’t provide a child with a stable enviroment. I can’t be too quick to judge peoples decision to have kids but I can worry, I believe that if you still live with your parents and your life isn’t stable enough to provide for a child the least you can do is make sure you wait. Of course sometimes you don’t have a choice because even contraception can be faulty, but if you plan for a child without having every important aspects of your life in order than you are doing both yourself and that child a misservice. I absolutely love children and every child deserve the best of everything, and every possibility to make their life the best it can possibly be and if you doesn’t have every components to make that happen, then a child is not something you should be planning in that period of your life. Children aren’t toys or accessories, they are living, breathing, tiny humans that are innocent and in need for guidance and protection. Make sure you know what you’re doing


Love, Sara


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