Good morning or good day, it’s 10am what do you say?

Today I’m only gonna relax, I’ve spent three constant days just writing on my homeexam and my mind is exhausted. 

1st December, the month of Christmas is in rolling. My mom put up our christmas gift calender this morning, it’s s tradition we have in my family we are four people and get presents every four days, not big presents but small ones that you might need for christmas or the winter months.

Do you have any christmas traditions?? I would love to hear about it 😀

Here in Sweden we celebrate christmas on the 24th, on Christmas Eve, on the 25th we are just lazy, playing with our gifts and eating leftover foods. But christmas isn’t just those three days, it’s every day in December leading up to that day, it’s the excitement, the buying gifts, decorating, baking and cooking christmas food. Make the most out of your December because everyday is Christmas.

Love, Sara


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