What to buy people for christmas

If you’re like me and sometimes have trouble finding christmas present, I hopefully can help you a bit.

Firstly, talk to the person you’re buying gifts for, see if there things on particular that they’re wishing for. But if you haven’t done that here’s som things to buy:

For her:

  1. If you have a younger girl in you gift area, perfume’s and make-up is almost always a hit. Often store’s have gift sets that you can buy. Always a hit.
  2. Gift cards, I know it’s super boring but if you don’t know for sure what the person want, let them decide for themselves.
  3. Scented Candle – this is always a hit for the older generation like your mom, aunt, grandmother etc. My personal favourite is the brand Voluspa, their candle’s amazing and it comes with a beautiful design.
  4. Jewellry (duuh!)
  5. Find out her preferens, she might not like receiving jewelry or perfumes, find out if she likes a specific band or tv-show or something like that and find out if they have merchandise.

For him:

  1. The same as for girls, perfumes or aftershaves. Always works.
  2. Clothes or gift cards.
  3. I’m honestly not good at gifts for men I always buy my dad a prenumeration for some magazine or last year I bought him a reading tablet.
  4. Find out if they like a band or a tv-show and see if they have merchandise.

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