Before The Flood

Before The Flood is a documentary made my Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic. It’s about the climate change and why it’s so important  to do something about it.

There are so many deniers as seen on the documentary, mostly funded by huge oil corporations it’s embarrassing to watch. It’s embarrasing when they go against world leading scientists, not just one but hundred from all over the world. Countries are acknowledging the change but US politicians are not. It’s pathetic and embarrassing that they let money control what comes out of their disgusting mouths. Their wealth is more important than the well being of the world and it’s inhabitant and really, they let greed define the future of their children and grandchildren. I hope they have trouble sleeping at night.

Anyway, watch the documentary and take a stand. If people decide to do something then the politicians are forced to obey. You are powerful, more powerful than you think.

Before The Flood, I hope it gets an Academy Award because it’s amazing.

Good job Leo, I nevee thought it was possible to like you more but then you do this and I love it. So brave.

Love, Sara


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