Snow and I’m I a viking???

Good morning

The snow continues to fall but it disappears just as quickly. I went to the city and back this morning, to drive my dad to work. On my way home I stopped at the bakery to get some fresh bread to breakfast. My mom took the day of from work so she and my sister are going to the city while I’m in school. I’m in school for two hours so I’m meeting up with them afterwards. My school is just 10 minutes away from the inner city.

I love this time of year except for how my face crumbles. I mean I’m nordic, basically a viking, shouldn’t my face be used to this kind of weather??? But no, it’s dryer than the sahara desert, and my lips gets so dry, skin is falling off. Moisturize is so important but where is my viking skin??? 

Anyway, have a lovely day

Love, Sara


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