My disaster running

It’s been raining constantly for 2 weeks here, but that’s Sweden for you. Anyway, it’s a great excuse for not going outside (I use it all the time) but there are only so many times you can come with that excuse until your cardio drops so when I came home from school today, I decided to head outside for a run. And boy was that a mistake! Not the running part but not removing the makeup before. The rain was literally making my face into a clown, I swear people must have thought I was one of those killer clowns. My mascara were no longer on my eyelashes but undet my eyes, my face was in stripes because my foundation had run of. DISASTER.

The best thing though was coming inside, putting on some dry clothes and making a nice cup of tea, so it was all worth it in the end 😀

Love, Sara


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