If you haven’t watched these, then do!!

Today I thought I would tip you about some tv-series that I love. 

  1. Game of Thrones (obviously!) not much to say, I just put it here because it’s my favourite.
  2. Sherlock – even though you get three episodes every 5 year, it’s so worth it you have no idea. The chemistry between John and Sherlock is what makes this series so special. The high quality writing, acting, and production value is why this has won alot of Emmy’s.
  3. Black Mirror – the brit’s know how to make their productions. Black Mirror is unique and something we haven’t seen before. Each episode has it’s own story and it’s own cast. Basically Black Mirror is a warning of where technology could take us, the danger of letting it consume us and take over. It explores the sides of it that might not be so great and it is AMAZING. Charlie Brooker, you did it!
  4. Happy Valley – another british series, duuh! It’s about a female police officer in her late forties/early fifties, but bare with me. Her daughter committed suicide a few years back and left her in charge of the daughter’s son. The daughter claimed the father of the son had raped her and couldn’t bare living with it. So fast foward 7+ years and the father is being let out of prison for a drug charge and a kidnapping of a rich man has happened. The woman has to then solve the murder and at the same time raise her grandson and to keep her away from his father who she suspect is involved in the kidnapping.
  5. American Horror Story – The latest seasons has been a bit disappointing but the latest is AMAZING. My Roanoake Nightmare is by far the strongest season yet. Unpredictable and creepy.
  6. Our Girl – the Brit’s know their thing. Our Girl is a serie about a young woman caught in a life she doesn’t want (doesn’t we all know that feeling?) and one day after meeting an officer of the army to join the army. After a few month’s of training she decides to become an army medic and then after a pilot episode the series take of when she’s on her way to afghanistan. Duty and forbidden love clash, and it’s amazing. Series 2 is about another female army medic and it’s just as good.

This is my favourites, of course I watch alot more like: The Flash, Blacklist, Arrow, The Excorcist, Scream Queens, Blindspot etc. But these above are my absolute favourites.


Love, Sara


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